• Artist: TWICE
  • Runtime: 3:22   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 5, 2017

Trendy girl group TWICE has made a comeback with a new track, “KNOCK KNOCK” as the title track for their special album, “TWICEcoaster: LANE 2”.

If you think of catchy bubble gum pop in Korean music scene, TWICE is no doubt one of the most popular girl groups nowadays with their previous hits, “TT” and “CHEER U P”. With “KNOCK KNOCK”, TWICE is bringing to the table another catchy tune with the lyrics encouraging their potential suitor to try hard and win the girls’ hearts. They are telling him that it might not be easy at first but he should “Knock” on the door of their hearts again and again and eventually, they just might open up.

The music video features TWICE members enjoying a slumber party when someone knocks on their house door. The first visitor hilariously turns out to be none other than Mr. JYP (Jin Young Park) himself while the second knocker leaves them a book which contains their characters from TT MV. While looking through the book, the girls saw snow falling outside the window and went out to play. However, something magical happened while they were out, time reversed and the door closed, leaving them stranding outside. The last scene had the girls knocking on their own door trying to get back in but their knocking was heard by the two kids in their TT MV, suggesting a link between their to-be-continued story from TT MV and KNOCK KNOCK MV.

TWICE is set to have their first tour “TWICEland” in April opening in South Korea and continuing to Bangkok and Singapore as announced so far on their official facebook page. We hope you enjoy “KNOCK KNOCK” and check out their concert if they’re coming to your town!

Watch TWICE - Knock Knock - Dance Practice Video
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