• Title: SIGNAL
  • Artist: TWICE
  • Runtime: 4:18   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 21, 2017

Having feelings for someone who doesn’t even notice you is frustrating, and can drive you a little crazy. The members of TWICE understand that. In their new music video “SIGNAL”, the girl group turns this frustration into out-of-this-world adventure. The music video for “SIGNAL” is a cheerful science-fiction twist on the love-struck crush story with a surprise ending.

After the girls of TWICE wake up from an alien encounter, they all fight for the love of an alien. It’s fitting that the group sings about all the signals they sent to a love who never even noticed, while we watch their frustrating attempts at sparking love using their super powers. You can’t help but cheer the adorable girls on as they try everything to win the heart of their supernatural crush. Whether you’re trying to turn a friendship into something more, or just trying to catch your crush’s attention, “SIGNAL”, the song from Twice’s new mini album, is your new anthem! Also make sure you watch their dance video below for their high energetic and cute choreography!

Watch TWICE - Signal - Dance Video
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