• Title: What is Love?
  • Artist: TWICE
  • Runtime: 3:43   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 22, 2018

TWICE asks “What is Love?” in their newest track from the mini-album of the same title.

Most people usually learn about the concept of love through books, movies or by seeing others being in love. That’s exactly the woes of TWICE in the lyrics of the song. Frustration continues to build up because they only get to see and feel love’s accompanying jittery feelings not through first-hand experience, but only through witnessing others fall and grow in love. They wonder when they’ll experience its marvel, the sweetness and happiness it entails. Imagining who they’ll fall in love with, when, how, where and everything in between makes them all giddy. They’re ready to fall in love, and finally give it a meaning of their own.

TWICE never fails to bring its audience a dose of cuteness and charm in every new release. They deliver the curiosity with innocent conviction through their acting, and the song’s delightful choreography is TWICE’s signature which you can definitely count on. Listen to the song and challenge yourself by naming as many of movie references in the music video as you can while you watch!

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