• Bio
  • Vincy Chan (泳兒)
  • Born in Hong Kong on October 16, 1982 (Libra).
  • Attended high school and Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.
  • Placed among the top 24 contestants in Singaporean singing competition, Project SuperStar.
  • Has performed internationally, such as at a charity gala in Canada and in Canadian New Talent shows.
  • Record Labels: Emperor Entertainment Group
  • Albums: Flowers Without Snow, Close to You, Just Want to Know More, Pieces of V
  • Popular Songs: “My Feelings,” "After Tomorrow," "My Memories Are Not Mine"
  • Awards: "Most Popular Image" in Emperor Entertainment Group's New Talent Singing Awards in 2005, Top 24 in Project SuperStar
  • Videos
Falling in love takes a second but staying in love takes a lifetime. While it is hard to live with someone with different...
Many people had their own fairy tales in childhood. However, as they grew up, they may find that fairy tales were too good and...
“Road of Quicksand” (浮沙之路) is a masterpiece by Hong Kong Cantonese pop singer, Vincy Chan (泳兒). This is...
Meaning “ambiguous” or “difficult to identify,” “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” is a song about...
  • Albums
  • Short Stories
  • Album  ·  June 28, 2017
  1. One Little Pig (一隻小豬)
  2. Cradle Song (搖籃曲) feat. Vivian Lai
  3. Used to Love You (習慣愛你)
  4. Love Is Like Snow (愛如雪)
  • One Little Pig (一隻小豬)
  • Single  ·  March 14, 2017
  1. One Little Pig (一隻小豬)
  2. One Little Pig (一隻小豬) - KTV version
  3. One Little Pig (一隻小豬) - Instrumental Version
  4. One Little Pig (一隻小豬) - Vincy Chan’s Interpretation
  • Album  ·  April 27, 2016
  1. Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像)
  2. My Love Letter (我的情書)
  3. Road of Quicksand (浮沙之路)
  4. Southern Sea Lady (南海姑娘)
  5. Sky (天空)
  6. Special Guest (特別嘉賓)
  7. Moonlight in the City (城裡的月光)
  8. Eye [removed]眼神)
  9. Unique (獨一無二)
  • Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像)
  • Single  ·  February 24, 2016
  1. Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像)
  2. Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像) - KTV version
  3. Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像) - Instrumental Version
  4. Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像) - Vincy’s Interpretation
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