• Title: Dynamite (다이너마이트)
  • Artist: VIXX
  • Runtime: 3:30   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 1, 2016

The K-pop boy band, VIXX, released their fifth album, Zelos, with a new music video, Dynamite. The song itself includes lyrics that were written by the group's rapper, Ravi, and Misfit. The song is upbeat and classy at the same and would make anyone want to get up an dance.

No doubt that the music video is accompanied by the group's skilled dance moves that only enhances the dance song. The visuals are colorful and fashioned with the group's vibrant clothing and props. Near the end, we are surprised with an explosion of colors and the boys dance around in the smoke with ease.

As for the lyrics, the guys sing about how they want to have this girl and make her theirs. They are jealous and this is probably because she is already taken. It pains them to know this fact and they would do anything to win her, but it doesn't seem so successful. With this said, the lyrics fit well with the album title, Zelos, which is a Greek word for "jealous" or, as we might closely relate to, "zealous."

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