• Title: Fantasy
  • Artist: VIXX
  • Runtime: 3:28   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 28, 2016

VIXX is sure to capture the heart of listeners all around the world with their strong emotive song ‘Fantasy’. This six member South Korean boy band had recently released this song with their sixth single album and the second part of their VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION trilogyHades’.

The lyrics of the song are heart breaking and emotional, depicting an individual that really wanted to be with someone that they loved but it turned out that it was all a fantasy, leaving the individual heartbroken and feeling nothing but pain. VIXX was able to convey this message clearly in their music video from the foggy forest backdrop, to the strong dance moves that depict the struggle and the melancholic expressions depicted on the members faces.

The song itself is extremely powerful and coupled with the strong vocals of VIXX, it is able to make the listeners feel the pain and anguish that the melody portrays. Listeners are able to relate to the raw human emotion that VIXX is able to put across and the song is sure to tug on heartstrings of listeners worldwide.

Watch VIXX - Fantasy - Dance Practice Video
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