• Title: Learn To Love (어쩌니)
  • Artist: Voisper
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 27, 2016

For their most recent album, Voice + Whisper, Voisper released a new music video for the song, Learn To Love. The song is about how the members are learning to love this one girl despite the mistakes they have made. They sing that many times they hurt the girl's feelings.

The music video presents cut shots between the members singing in serene locations and a solo scene of a girl. It is obvious that the girl is lonely and she is doing things for her boyfriend, like cutting cake, even though he is not there for her. It shows that the girl still remains loyal and loves her boyfriend unconditionally. Perhaps both sides are trying to learn to love the other in a different way.

Voisper is known for their vocals and this serene song is no different from their other ballad-like songs. The harmonization are on point as they sing in unison, creating a cohesive song that is easy to the ears. The melody and lyrics touches the heart and expresses deep emotions of love, pain, and regret. Fans will not be disappointed as they are taken away by the voices of Voisper.

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