• Title: Okinotayuu (オキノタユウ)
  • Artist: Wagakki Band
  • Runtime: 4:35   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 19, 2017

Traditional Japanese musical and performance art influences meet modern pop music in WagakkiBand’s new MV and song, "Okinotayuu" (オキノタユウ) which included in their upcoming album "Four Season Colors" (四季彩 -Shikisai-) on March 22nd. WagakkiBand has been making waves in the J-pop world because of the artful way in which they use traditional Japanese instruments and vocal techniques along with modern musical styles, and this song is no exception.

The lyrics of this song closely resemble traditional poetry in that they speak of the beauty of nature and the billowing of their breaths in the cold by using phrases that ebb and flow together artfully. Vocalist Yuko makes strong use of her traditional singing skills in this song, and the instrumental accompaniment also has stronger traditional ties in this song than in some of their other popular tracks.

The band members themselves are also dressed in attire that heavily relies on traditional styles but with a modern twist, yet the way they blend the two is so artful and beautiful that it doesn’t feel out of place. Yuko dances and sways with a fan as she sings, which is a common occurrence in many of their videos.

The video also incorporates several different popular cultural symbols that appear frequently in traditional Japanese poetry, such as cherry blossom petals, cranes, autumn leaves, and a warrior standing in a snowy nighttime atmosphere. Overall, the song and video seem to be something of a tribute to traditional culture.

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