• Title: Synchronicity (シンクロニシティ)
  • Artist: Wagakki Band
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 2, 2017

Synchronicity is a new single that will be published in Wagakki Band’s first best collection album, ‘Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+’. The song, composed by Yuko Suzuka and sang by Suzuka and guitarist Machiya, unfolds in the form of dialogue a story of two people who somehow switched bodies.

In the first part of the lyrics, two strangers discover upon waking up that they have just had their bodies exchanged. While the woman immediately demands the man to give her body back, the man suggests they get to know each other since there is no apparent way to have everything fixed. In the second part, both characters rejoice in their chance to reset their lives with this miraculous occurrence, However, as they come to accept the fact that they switched bodies, they find it hard to maintain personal relationships the same way their counterpart has done. Finally, they agree that this is a mischief of fate that allows them to see the world differently and enjoy their lives.

The characters in the music video, dressed in a style reminiscent of the last century, complement this idea with their acting and dance. The scene switches constantly between the performance of the actors and members of the band singing and playing music, reminding the audience of how the two minds are inside each other’s body the entire time. In the last scene, after dancing in a hall, the two characters proceed to the balcony, where they begin to flow in mid air, holding hands with each other. Together they go, up in the night sky, symbolizing their rejoicement in their newly found lifestyles.

With a style that incorporates traditional Japanese and modern elements, the song imaginatively portrays how two characters with their bodies exchanged come to say ‘bye bye’ to their prosaic lifestyle, finding thrill and enjoyment in life.

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