• Title: Lullaby (ララバイ)
  • Artist: WANIMA
  • Runtime: 3:04   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 23, 2017

WANIMA has a lot to share to their listeners about drastic changes in life and facing it head on especially in one of their newest songs "Lullaby" (ララバtrイ) from their 3rd newest single "Gotta Go!!" (ガラゴー). Those who have watched this band's other music videos will notice that all of the three songs they have for this album always has changing sceneries within a city or in a rural area. As the members mentioned on their official website, they want to show their listeners more scenery, take their listeners with them to different places, deliver music to more people and have their music as an “amulet” for listeners, a form of goodluck.

WANIMA left their hometown and pursued music in the big city, the lyrics of this song mentions having to face everyday challenges, day and night with no end and the most important thing is to never stop; if you find yourself in a miserable state, there is always room to smile and continue with your life. In the lyrics, they mentioned that the big city is their stage; as well as give listeners encouragement as they listen to their music.

The MV shows the band members running as if they are in a running contest; it's a clear display of what the band members have to face ever since they transitioned from living in their slow-paced, countryside hometown, Kumamoto, to the fast-paced cities of Japan . It shows that they have to do a lot of “catching-up” to succeed especially in the music industry. Not only does the song applies to them, but the lyrics of their song is also a way to reach out to listeners and give them the encouragement they need as they work hard to pursue their goals. The running portrays no matter what "races" they face as a band, they will continue to sing, and won’t have plans of slowing down.

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