• Title: Signal (シグナル)
  • Artist: WANIMA
  • Runtime: 4:34   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 5, 2018

Signal’ is a song in band WANIMA’s first full album ‘Everybody!!’, along with songs ‘JUICE UP’s theme’, ‘OLE!!’ and more. The song portrays the life of someone not confident with their future, and the process of becoming more positive and determined to reach their goal.

The lyrics start from conveying uncertainties and insecurities of the protagonist by portraying a scene of their everyday life: waking up in the morning and smiling bitterly to themselves in the mirror. However, trying to laugh has improved the protagonist’s heavy mood and cleared the insecurities. The determination to follow their heart and come back and start again if things didn’t work out supports the protagonist to approach their goal.

This regained cheerful and positive attitude is further reinforced by the imagery in the music video. Starting from preparing backstage and going onto the stage, the location changes abruptly to a tropical beach with vibrant colors, with the members performing, and occasionally to a forest with a hunting scene. The rapid movements of the camera and the bright and striking colors of the island soon brings the audience out of the cloudy mood painted in the lyrics at first.

The song encourages the audience to always maintain a positive attitude toward life and persevere in following dreams even if we have insecurities.

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