• Title: Together (ともに)
  • Artist: WANIMA
  • Runtime: 3:45   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 28, 2016

"Tomo ni" or "Together" is the A-side track of rock band WANIMA's latest single "Juice Up!!". The song's lyrics remind us not to be bogged down by the negatives in life caused by events and happenings which do not go as planned. Instead, we should always face forward, ready to grab the next chance. With smiles and friends, we can overcome anything.

In the video, WANIMA does just that, rocking on with enthusiasm in the midst of a water show on a clear summer day. "Together" is being featured as the theme song for Nivea Kao's 8x4 BODY FRESH commercials, which has been airing on Japanese TV for some time. This is the first time WANIMA has written and recorded a song for a commercial. The commercial features Sakurai Hinako, a popular model and actress.

WANIMA will embark on their JUICE UP!! TOUR from 20 September to 19 December 2016, with a total of 19 stops all across Japan. Each concert will feature special guests such as local talents and artists, who will be hosting short performances with WANIMA.

Watch WAMINA - Together - Nivea Kao's 8x4 BODY FRESH commercial
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