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  • 3 members - pianist/lead vocalist Yuji Sugimoto, drummer/backing vocalist Toru Kawabe, and bassist/backing vocalist Shota Okuno.
  • The original four members of the group, who all attended Kobe High School, began playing together in 2004. In 2007, three of those members began playing as WEAVER.
  • Genre: pop
  • Record Label: A-Sketch
  • Albums: ID, Tapestry, Shinsekai souzouki - Volume 1, Shinsekai souzouki - Volume 2, Jubilation, Handmade, WEAVER Special Live 2013~Toru Kawabe QUARTER CENTURY ANNIVERSARY~
  • Popular songs: WEAVER's song "Hard to say I love you~iidasenakute~" was featured as the theme song for the TV series "Hard to Say I Love You," and another of their songs, "Bokurano eien ~nando umarekawattemo, te wo tsunagitaidakeno ai dakara~," was used as the main song for AU's "Lismo!" TV ad. Their song "Kiminotomodachi" was created just for the 89th Japan High School Soccer Tournament. WEAVER also collaborated with Thai band INSTINCT to make the theme song for the TV show "Find the WASABI!"
  • Videos
Another World by WEAVER is the main track of their new EP, A/W the stylized abbreviation of the main track. The song encourages...
“Shake! Shake!” is a funky, pop song from WEAVER that features fun, rhythmic beats and easy, yet addictive lyrics....
"S.O.S." is the newest single from WEAVER. It is a song sung to a friend, telling them that the call for help...
  • Albums
  • A/W
  • Album  ·  September 13, 2017
  1. Another World
  2. Dakara Boku Ha Boku Wo Tebanasu (だから僕は僕を手放す)
  3. Photographs
  4. Hello, Again -Mukashi Kara Aur Basho- (Hello, Again ~昔からある場所~ )
  5. Kokoro No Naka Made (心の中まで) Jazztronik Remix
  • S/S
  • Album  ·  May 3, 2017
  1. Shake! Shake!
  2. Stay
  3. Umi No Aru Machi (海のある街)
  4. Koi No Yokan (恋の予感)
  5. Egao No Aizu (笑顔の合図) - Recap
  • S.O.S. / Wake me up
  • Single  ·  October 19, 2016
  1. S.O.S.
  2. Wake me up
  3. AMI
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