• Title: Another World
  • Artist: WEAVER
  • Runtime: 4:17   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 30, 2017

Another World by WEAVER is the main track of their new EP, A/W the stylized abbreviation of the main track. The song encourages everyone to see that there are always multiple pathways in life, and that everyone should choose their own unique one and pursue their goals confidently.

WEAVER does not take the central role in the MV, but instead sing from the position of somewhat distanced observers, encouraging the three girls to understand that one’s place in life is not singular or fixed, and that if one decides to pursue a certain path, then that path can certainly open up any kind of ideal future one desires, literally, another world where one can live out their dreams without conforming to goals society has set for them. Also, they suggest that consciously expressing one’s uniqueness instead of trying to blend into the crowd and fading away is the better way to go.

The visuals augment these ideas of the lyrics on multiple levels - for one, it is filmed at night, when usually, visibility of the path ahead is reduced. Some of the lyrics, when they appear on screen, always tend to cover the girls’ eyes, demonstrating their blindness to this other, more positive world. The main characters initially begin by walking aimlessly forward, symbolizing how many youth just go through the motions and rites of passages that they must go through, without any enthusiasm. It is only after they run away from these beliefs that they find themselves able to act consciously, to dance and express their joy out of their own will.

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