• Title: Coming Home
  • Artist: Will Pan
  • Runtime: 4:01   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 7, 2017

There is nowhere else can make you feel safer and more comfortable than home. Even though the path to home may be full of barriers and challenges, it still can't stop people's steps. In Will Pan's (潘瑋柏) eyes, the stage is his home, and his new song Coming Home mirrored the journey to return his home.

Composed and written by Will, Coming Home is included in his newest album "illi" (異類) which comes out on August 11. Using the old school hip-hop style, Coming Home described Will's firm determination to return. In the lyrics, Will compared himself with the phoenix. Just like the phoenix needs to bath the blood to become a supernatural, Will 's way to return the stage must go through people's critics and judgment. However, the unfairness and barriers will not stop Will from returning. Rather, they will make him stronger and finally arrive at the Hall of Fame, the home he wanted to return.

The music video used the dark red theme and created a hell-like environment. In the MV, Will changed his characters between a street dancer and a king. When he was a street dancer, he did not give up his dream and continued working towards his goal. The whole world was covered with fire, that hammered Will into shape. It was a cruel and painful process, but it did not change Will's mind to be the king to win the battle and achieve his goal.

People all have dreams where they want to be. Although the final destinations are different, the process of getting there are very similar, which is often full of difficulties and challenges. Some people stayed with the dreams, overcame all barriers, and eventually arrived at the destination; others could not suffer the pain and vile environment and ended nowhere. As a matter of fact, no one's success is a coincidence. Whether you will be successful or be abandoned is really depending on how hard you worked for it.

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