• Title: Numb (啞巴)
  • Artist: Will Pan
  • Runtime: 3:42   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 17, 2017

Have you ever wish yourself are a numb, so that you don't have to say a word in those awkward moments? In Wilber Pan's (潘瑋柏) Numb (啞巴), it described this kind of situation you might find yourself in.

Written and composed by Wilber, Numb is included in his newest album illi (異類). The lyric of the song narrated a conflicting emotion in which Wilber does not want to continue the relationship but is not brave enough to speak it out. Although he and his lover have lost everything in common, he has to pretend to be a numb and hide all the words in his heart.

In the music video, Wilber and Yingwei Lin (林映唯, 小美) acted as a couple like the one in the song. While they did have some happy times in the past; once the love is faded, they each trapped in their silo space and suffered from their own solitude. Slowly, the world became colorless, and they started to act like strangers. As it was so hard to say goodbye, Wilber had to use sign language to express his desolate heart.

When love is gone, is that wise to hide the emotion and keep it silent? Or is that necessary to have some guts and make a move? Maybe what went numb is not the ability to talk, but rather the ability of the heart to release its feelings.

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