• Title: Love Me Love Me
  • Artist: WINNER
  • Runtime: 3:42   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 19, 2017

Summer’s not over yet! WINNER enjoys the last few rays of sun in the music video for their new single “Love Me Love Me”. Despite the beaches, golfing, and hanging out in the sun, the only thing the boys from WINNER can think about is love. With a music video full of cute onscreen text messages, and a song with a groovy melody, “Love Me Love Me” is an experience for anyone trying to win someone’s heart.

From their new EP Our Twenty For, “Love Me Love Me” is a single that’s part love letter and part plea. Like the title of the song, “Love Me Love Me” is a declaration of love paired with the wish to be loved back. The members of WINNER describe a girl so charming she could bewitch any man. Love-struck for this dazzling girl, the members promise she’s the only one for them, and wish to be loved in return.

When you’re ready to let someone take the spotlight in your life, it’s difficult to wait and hope that they’ll say they love you too. Instead of yearning in misery, WINNER changed their plea into a hopeful tune; making “Love Me Love Me” a song of unrequited love that’s more sunshine than gloom!

Watch Love Me Love Me - Dance Practice Video
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