• Bio
  • Xiao Yu (小宇), also known as Sung Yang Feng (宋庠锋), Sung Nian Yu (宋念宇)
  • Born in Taiwan on November 22, 1983 (Sagittarius)
  • Taiwanese singer, composer, song writer, actor
  • Debut in January 2008 with the first album "I Am XiaoYu" (小宇同學就是我), which was nominated as the top 10 album in 2008
  • Record Label: Warner Music Taiwan Ltd. (2017); Avex Taiwan Inc. (2003-2013)
  • Albums: Once Again (再一次); Standing Right Here (就站在這裡); I Am XiaoYu (小宇同學就是我)
  • Popular Songs: One Light Year Distance (一個光年的距離), Transition Period (過渡期), After A Mentor (說分手之後), Finally Said It Loud (終於說出口)
  • Awards: Best Song Award and the Rookie King Award in Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Presentation; Nominated as the Best Mandarin Male Singer in the 24th Hits Music Award.
  • Videos
Just like there is no free lunch, love also has a price. People who make the effort expect the equal attention for return, even...
No one is perfect as everyone might have a little greedy buried in oneself. People all tend to look for warmth and comfort for...
  • Albums
  • With You (同在)
  • Album  ·  April 13, 2017
  1. With You (同在)
  2. Habitual Love (慣性取暖)
  3. Original You (原來的你)
  4. It Ain't Easy (不好過)
  5. How About This (這樣好不好)
  6. So Called Love (所謂的愛)
  7. Give Me Your Bad (給我你的壞)
  8. Ideal World (理想時代)
  9. Delusional Love (被愛妄想)
  10. What About Me (我呢)
  11. Can We Return To How We Were? (我們...能回到原來的樣子嗎?)
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