• Title: So Called Love (所謂的愛)
  • Artist: Xiao Yu
  • Runtime: 3:31   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 11, 2017

Just like there is no free lunch, love also has a price. People who make the effort expect the equal attention for return, even with an ordinary relationship. This is so called love, as described in Xiao Yu's (宋念宇) new song "So Called Love" (所謂的愛).

Included in Xiao Yu's newest album "With You" (同在), "So Called Love" is composed by Xiao Yu and written by Ziya Huang (黃文萱). While this is not the first time they worked together, their privity turned the song into another successful romantic piece. The lyrics narrated the status between a couple in which the love has become habits, from excitement and sweet moments to habitual waiting and being apart. However, the true love is ordinary love, and the so-called love simply involves couples stay together and take care each other every day.

In the music video, Xiao Yu witnessed a couple's (starred by Ouyang Lun 歐陽倫 and Lin Zixi 林子熙) journey of relationship, from being in madly love, to becoming ordinary, then to breaking up. When the clock passed around and the calendar was flipped page after page, those used to be sweet and romantic became tedious and annoying. When Ouyang Lun's ignorance and irritability finally drove Lin Zixi away, he realized he lost the loved one. However, gaining her back would cost him a lot of more effort.

Maybe that is the human nature. When something becomes ordinary and habitual to people, they tend to forget why they are receiving it and don't care. Unfortunately, in most cases, people won't understand that the most precious love is being by their sides, sharing, and the ordinary but tedious daily life, until they finally lost it. When you are receiving care from your loved ones, please remember their motivation of doing these is love, and don't forget to pay them back with your love too.

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