• Title: Hello Miss (小姐你好)
  • Artist: Yan Ting
  • Runtime: 5:50   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 9, 2017

Chasing after the beloved other is no longer the privilege of the guys in this new era. Girls can also take the initiative to chase after the one they like. In Yan Ting's (周殷廷) single Hello Miss (小姐你好), he narrated a brave girl who took the lead in starting a relationship.

The lyrics described a scenario in which the girl trapped the guy into the corner of the wall, and expressed her likeness to him with kisses and other intimate behaviors. Even though these are actions generally taken by guys, girls can also go wild and flirt with the guys they like.

While the song itself is already full of extraordinary and humor, the music video is totally a surprising piece. In the MV, Yan Ting transformed into an indoors man who did not know how to interact with girls. When he was dragged to the night club by his friends, he found a girl (starred by Yanny Chan, 陳穎欣, member of Super Girls) he liked, and showed his talent to get Yanny's attention. Surprisingly, Yanny was a brave and enthusiastic girl who wanted to take the initiative in a relationship. When they met alone away from the crowd, Yanny turned into the lead and flirted Yan Ting instead, echoing to the lyrics of the song.

[SPOILER ALERT] The MV delivered its humor by modeling the actors exaggeratedly. It also ended in an unexpected way that all the dances, music, and romance were indeed Yan Ting's dream. After Yan Ting woke up and looked into the mirror, he found something extremely thrilling. You must have to see it to find out and get ready, that's something would totally catch your breath!

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