• Bio
  • Yesung (born Kim Jong-woon)
  • Born August 24, 1984 (Virgo) in Soul, South Korea
  • Member of Kpop group, Super Junior
  • Debuted in November 2005 with a project group, Super Junior 05. He is well known for his OST (Original Soundtrack) songs for films and dramas. In April 2016, he made his first debut solo album, “Here I Am.”
  • Genre: K-pop, Electronic, Dance, R&B, Ballad
  • Record Label: S.M. Entertainment
  • Popular songs: “It Has To Be You” (ost. Cinderella’s Sister), “Loving You” ft. Luna (ost. President), “Here I Am”
  • Awards: BGM Cyworld (Hall of Fame), Cyworld Digital Music Awards (Song of the Month-April), Cyworld Digital Music Awards (Best OST Award)
  • Videos
The pain of heartbreak rings clear in Yesung’s new ballad, Paper Umbrella, from the mini album Spring Falling. Its...
Yesung's voice is no surprise for fans who enjoy watching Korean dramas, otherwise, he wouldn't be called the...
  • Albums
  • Spring Falling
  • Album  ·  April 18, 2017
  1. Paper Umbrella (봄날의 소나기)
  2. Hibernation (겨울잠)
  3. All But You (그대뿐인지)
  4. Fly (번지점프)
  5. At the Time (그때로)
  6. So Close Yet So Far (비눗방울)
  • Here I Am
  • Album  ·  April 19, 2016
  1. Here I Am (문 열어봐)
  2. Spring In Me (벚꽃잎) duet. Dalchong of CHEEZE
  3. Between
  4. We (우리)
  5. Your Echo (메아리)
  6. Confession (어떤 말로도) ft. Chanyeol of EXO
  7. My Dear (달의 노래)
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