• Title: Here I Am (예성_문 열어봐)
  • Artist: Yesung
  • Runtime: 5:18   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 24, 2016

Yesung's voice is no surprise for fans who enjoy watching Korean dramas, otherwise, he wouldn't be called the "King of OST." Finally, the Super Junior member has released his first debut mini-album, also his first album as a soloist. The title song, "Here I Am," features lyrics that Yesung had participated in writing.

The music video was filmed in a cinematic style. We first see Yesung pack his belongings in boxes. He then goes to open the door to a couple of ladies who seem to be possible buyers (Yesung is selling his house). The last lady looks like someone very special as she and Yesung take an awkward moment staring at each other. The video continues on, showing us that the two were indeed a couple. After a breakup, Yesung decides to sell the house and there are hesitant moments as they move around.

As for the lyrics, the chorus repeats of how Yesung wants the girl to open the door for him. He's drunk and missing her. He's done many things for her, but she seems to not notice or not care for it anymore. All in all, after realizing the emptiness of this breakup, all he wants is to have her back. No doubt that the strong emotions of these lyrics were shown in Yesung's performance as we see him crying hot tears as he sings. We can only have a small chance of hope as we see the two lovers stand in the same street once again before the video ends.

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