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  • Yoga Lin (林宥嘉)
  • Also known as James Lin, Taiwanese singer, songwriter
  • Born in Taiwan on July 1, 1987 (Cancer)
  • Started singing career by winning the One Million Star, Season 1 (第一季超級星光大道). Recognized as a member of “Four Princes of Superstar Avenue” (星光四少), together with Judy Chou, Peter Pan, and Stanly Hsu.
  • Record Label: HIM International Music
  • Popular Songs: Cliff (懸崖), The One I Love (我愛的人), You are My Guiding Eyes (你是我的眼), If You are Not With Me (如果沒有你), Steel Rope Walker (走鋼索的人), If You Are Happy, I’m Happy (你快樂所以我快樂)
  • Albums: Mystery Guest (神秘嘉賓), Senses Around (感官世界), Perfect Life (美妙生活), Fiction (大小說家), Jazz Channel
  • Awards: IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, HITO Radio Music Awards, Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards
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In Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) newest song Unshakeable Rascals (熱血無賴), he transformed into a rebellious figure and...
  • Albums
  • Sell Like Hot Cakes (今日營業中)
  • Album  ·  June 17, 2016
  1. Let It Die (讓世界毀滅)
  2. Spoiled Innocence (天真有邪)
  3. Worse Comes to Worst (壞與更壞)
  4. Unshakeable Rascals (熱血無賴)
  5. Courage to Remember you (我已經敢想你)
  6. Tiny Part of You (一點點)
  7. Flight (飛)
  8. A Dream Where You Dreamt of Me (我夢見你夢見我)
  9. Still Open After 10 P.M.
  10. The Daylight Moon (白晝之月)
  11. The Loved Ones (寵兒)
  12. Roots (勿忘你)
  13. Off, Do Not Disturb
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