• Title: Unshakeable Rascals (熱血無賴)
  • Artist: Yoga Lin
  • Runtime: 3:49   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 19, 2016

In Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) newest song Unshakeable Rascals (熱血無賴), he transformed into a rebellious figure and shouted out the new generation’s true portrayal of a mixed confusion and enthusiasm in their lives. The Unshakeable Rascals is the lead track for Yoga’s latest album Sell Like Hot Cakes (今日營業中), which was released on June 16, 2016, four years after his last album.

This song was composed by Jerry C and ZiPu Yang (楊子樸), with the lyrics written by Albert Leung (林夕). The song began with “fall from the heaven and get up in the hell,” vividly described the new generation’s change from superior family and school lives to the cruel social environment.

The music video opened with a rock band composed of monsters, and narrated their interactions with depression and confusion. These monsters could represent the new generation’s enthusiasm for life and their eagerness for freedom and fairness, which buried deeply in their hearts. However, these enthusiasm and eagerness were restricted by the social rules and complex social relationships, thus became monsters that can’t be accepted by others, even themselves. When these repressed reach saturation time, it is time for a change. In the video, Yoga, acting as the protagonist, invented weapons, led his monsters to the workplace, and destroyed the strict and boring social environment. Everyone was set free, and was able to run out to the public with big smile on the face.

In this song, Yoga called himself with a self-deprecating title, Rascal, and interpreted his rebellion of willing to the change of the reality and going back to his own aspiration, wo oh oh~~

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