• Bio
  • Yuko Suzuhana (stage name)
  • Her real name remains unrevealed as well as her age.
  • Born in Mito, Japan, on June 7th (Gemini)
  • Began classic piano from 3 years old and then began poetry, sword dance from age of 5
  • Graduated from Tokyo College of Music
  • Genres: Rock, Classical, J-pop, Japanese folk
  • Debuts in 2013 as the vocalist of Wagakki Band
  • Record Label: Avex
  • Won several classical music and shigin (performance of reciting traditional Japanese poems) national contests, before her major debut.
  • Currently active as vocalist and leader of Wagakki Band and as vocalist/pianist of Japanese folk unit, Hanafugutsu
  • Videos
The vocalist of Wagakki Band, Yuko Suzuhana, just released her first solo mini-album with its title track, "Cradle of...
  • Albums
  • Album  ·  November 23, 2016
  1. Cradle of Eternity (永世のクレイドル)
  2. Senka no Touka (戦火の灯火)
  3. step forward
  4. Yuki Tokei (雪時計)
  5. Remains
  6. Senakaawase (背中合わせ)
  7. Cradle of Eternity -Piano solo version- (永世のクレイドル -PIANO SOLO-)
  8. Remains -BALLAD- (Bonus track)
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