• Title: Cradle of Eternity (永世のクレイドル)
  • Artist: Yuko Suzuhana
  • Runtime: 4:33   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 27, 2016

The vocalist of Wagakki Band, Yuko Suzuhana, just released her first solo mini-album with its title track, "Cradle of Eternity". This song, full of deep metaphors, has a message from the artist that, even in very tough times, we must still have faith and hope that we will get through that situation, with help from people that surrounds you.

In the video, the characters, are portrayed as refugees of war, travelling in a desert. We see their pain and sorrows, but at the same time they are determined to fight for survival. By the end of the song a large spaceship appears behind Suzuhana, while she sings “Eternity probably exists, and everyone is reaching out their hands, and someday they will hold your hands.” leading us to think that the group was rescued.

Written and composed by Kurousa (who also wrote Wagakki Band's hit Senbon Zakura), the song has been used as the opening theme song of “SD Gundam Generations Genesis”, the latest video game from the Gundam franchise. Its high tempo pace makes you feel like you are racing through space and fits the franchise perfectly.

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