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  • Yuzu
  • 2 members - Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa
  • Kitagawa and Iwasawa attended the same junior high school (Okamura Junior High School), although they did not form a band together until later in their lives.
  • Yuzu came into existence in 1997, but was at the time called Light's. Kitagawa objected to this name, and Yuzu was selected as the duo's new name because of a yuzu-flavored sherbert that Kitagawa was eating while the two were discussing the name change.
  • Genre: folk rock, indie folk, pop rock.
  • Record Labels: SENHA&Co, Toy's Factory, Avex Taiwan.
  • Albums: Yuzu Ikka, Yuzuen, Tobira, Yuzu Moa, Sumire, 1 ~ONE~, Ribbon, WONDERFUL WORLD, FURUSATO, 2-NI-, LAND, Shinsekai, TOWA.
  • Popular songs: Yuzu's "Hyori Ittai," "Reason," and "Nagareboshi Kirari" have all been used as ending theme songs for 2011 version of the tv anime series "Hunter x Hunter."
  • Awards: Best Album Award, Best Artist, Best Video of The Year (Japan Record Awards)
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"Koi, Hajikemashita" (恋、弾けました。) is the newest single from Japanese duo Yuzu. The song is also...
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  • Koi, Hajikemashita (恋、弾けました。)
  • Single  ·  October 13, 2017
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