• Title: Koi, Hajikemashita (恋、弾けました。)
  • Artist: Yuzu
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 13, 2017

"Koi, Hajikemashita" (恋、弾けました。) is the newest single from Japanese duo Yuzu. The song is also featured as the theme song for the 2017 movie adaptation of the manga series "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K" (斉木楠雄の Ψ 難). "Koi, Hajikemashita" is about how falling in love can abruptly bring all kinds of unexpected excitement to one's boring, everyday life. Every moment, waking or sleeping, becomes filled with confused and swirling thoughts of that person; and just glimpsing them can send your heart and your imagination into overdrive. The song also throws in a modern twist; mentioning how their person looks so much more wonderful in person than they ever would through an Instagram filter.

The MV for "Koi, Hajikemashita" is a love explosion. Every surface and element of the video (which is all seemingly a sci-fi-helmet-induced hallucination) is overwhelmingly pink. One of the text in the video floats over a representation of the I Love Effect!, reminding us all that no matter what, we will always be gorgeous in the eyes of those who love us.

Yuzu will be on their YUZU ASIA TOUR 2017 on November 18, 29 and Decemeber 2 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan

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