• Title: Artist
  • Artist: ZICO
  • Runtime: 3:22   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 23, 2017

ZICO’s new song Artist celebrates the uniqueness and spontaneity of being, as the title suggests, an artist. The song comes from his Television EP, and was written and composed by ZICO himself.

In the lyrics, ZICO narrates the feeling of being busy and popular, but lonely. He decides then that every moment should be turned into a work of art. Though life may be short, he sings that art will live on. His song encourages everyone else to do the same – be the designer of your own life, have fun and don’t try to hold on to the things outside of your reach.

The music video begins by showing ZICO on a TV, giving a nod to the album name. It continues into a splash of fun and colors, with ZICO roaming the streets and dancing, as other people join him in the artistic feeling and dance along.

After you’ve grooved along and released your inner artist, head over and listen to the rest of the album. Also make sure you watch the dance video below for his high energetic choreography!

Watch ZICO - Artist - Dance Practice Video
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