• Title: BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Feat. DEAN, Crush
  • Artist: ZICO
  • Runtime: 3:36   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 4, 2016

ZICO has teamed up with DEAN and Crush for another hot song! All three of them participated in the lyrics and composition for BERMUDA TRIANGLE (also known as the Devil's Triangle) so it’s not surprising how strong the hip hop spirit is here. The lyrics are overflowing with swag and confidence, just like how it should be.

The music video though, is a unique blend of modern aesthetics, street style and luxury. It begins with the three in a monochrome landscape. The vastness is their zone and shows the reach of their influence. Like how DEAN sings in the opening, their song is playing everywhere. It’s a crime not to play it. At the same time, it’s boring and lonely at the top.

The MV then cuts to a colorful and edgy scene. ZICO eats a fancy meal and reads news about himself. The rap beats down on the haters and criticism. He claims that though people call them idiots, they’ve become role models and changed this generation. It’s not them being cocky. They’ve worked hard at the bottom to enjoy the view at the top.

Crush expresses this success. People are trying to imitate them and they’re breathing the air above everyone. Rolexes, expensive rides and bags of money are shown in the MV. Though they have mansions, they still enjoy meals on the street, because they haven’t forgotten their past. They also visit a church to reflect, but diss those who are jealous. Even with a mellow beat and tune, the lyrics are full of strong personality.

Hopefully ZICO, DEAN and Crush will have more live performances and collaborations in the future!

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