• Title: THE SONG (노래)
  • Artist: Zion T
  • Runtime: 3:39   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 5, 2017

Zion.T has released a new song and MV titled... wait for it... "The Song." It’s a charming and funky pop tune with a novel theme: eschewing the typical vanity for material things and instead winning over a girl by writing her a song. Love it!

The video starts with Zion.T isolated in some type of vessel, surrounded by a cold chamber full technology. As he recounts the creation of his new song, he escapes into a brighter, childlike world of music and fun. The video walks us through his charming world, with Zion.T at one point surrounded by a group of women who all look the same, leading us toward the unique girl who inspired the song.

The music itself is so positive and happy, it’s hard not to become infected by its feel. In the song, Zion.T sings about hoping the song doesn’t become too popular. But there’s a slim chance for that because the lyrics are right on the money and the mood of the music is just what the world needs right now.

According to the hashtags of the youtube video, release of this single (and accompanying new album, OO) will serve as a #comeback for Zion.T. The song was composed and arranged by Zion.T himself and KUSH, with Zion.T alone behind all the lyrics. If you haven’t had a change to, be sure not to miss out on this hit.

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